Plus Size Overalls Haul

Plus Size Overalls

I cannot get enough of overalls. I've had to stop myself from buying every single pair I come across. I mean how many overalls can one girl have?! Ridiculous! Calm down farmer Morgan. I've linked all the plus size overalls I like, and a lot of them come in straight sizes too. 

True Story, my husband was in love with me in the 7th & 8th grade. I had no clue. Just so happens that I wore overalls like it was my job back then, every pair the Gap would sell me! I got reintroduced to Brett by my best friend years later, and he said, "yeah I liked you a lot, you and those darn overalls." Welllll, I still love them to this day. And like I said on instagram, you'll probably have to bury me in a pair. 

Madewell has so many cute pairs right now! In fact, the pair of my dreams got sold out right before my eyes at the beginning of Summer. I'm going to regret that for a long time. I actually made my bestie                             Janel, trek across all of Manhatten to each Madewell store, just to see if they had an XL left. They didn't. It was a sad day. I ate a cupcake and a cookie the size of my face in remembrance. 

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