Lifestyle Gift Guide

Lifestyle Gift Guide


    House Warming Gift: (1) Capri Blue Volcano Candle

        • The year was 2009ish, I walked into a furniture store in Mandeville, Louisiana. This scent immediately hit me and I said to my very patient husband, "That's the best smell I've ever smelled. What is that? We have to find out what that is." So we made our way around the maze of the store and finally saw a candle burning, asked the front desk lady, she had no clue what the name was, so I picked up the silver glass vessel and looked at the bottom, "volcano." She didn't know where it had come from, but she said I could buy one, so I did. From that point on I was hooked. They weren't sold in Anthropologie yet, so I was having to get them from small gift shops around the south. The coolest part? They are hand made in Starkville, Mississippi, to this day! So this is my go to Housewarming or business warming gift. If you buy a new house, open a new studio/business, chances are you've received this candle from me, along with a nice set of matches. I have a closet full. It's a sickness. Blue Jean is also a fave scent from Capri Blue, but I feel like it doesn't have as much "throw" or longevity. Still good though.
      Congrats/Celebration: (2) Georgetown Cupcakes
          • Graduation? Birthday? New Baby? New Job? Passed a final exam? CUPCAKES! I love Georgetown cupcakes. I've had them delivered for a birthday party the next day instead of buying locally made ones or slaving away in the kitchen myself. No thanks. My mom sends me a dozen for my birthday most years (you can freeze them and they thaw nicely). You may have seen their tv show, they are two adorable sisters, business savvy, sassy, talented. I love them. I also love Sprinkles cupcakes, they are probably my favorite, BUT they don't deliver yet. So Georgetown is just as great, they are delicious and always arrive perfect, even in the super hot summers of the Deep South. One time, there was a slight delay due to weather, and the cupcakes arrived completely melted a day late. They sent a replacement box immediately, no charge, no back and forth. It really is an awesome company.  
        Congrats/Celebration: (3) Sugarfina & Sweet Wish
            • I typically don't give my best friends birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. Sorry guys. Ha! I'm just not that girl, and luckily neither are my friends. It's just too stressful to start that back and forth giving dynamic. BUT I do send stuff for special birthdays or other special circumstances. All my besties received a candy gift like this for their 30th birthdays. I have also sent a bunch out for injuries, illnesses, deaths, or just plain rough times. If I love ya, you get a candy gram. Not many people on that love list lol, but I try to treat the ones on it well! 💙
          Baby Gift: (4) Baby List
            • For the love of Pete Sampras, FOLLOW THE REGISTRY. I know you've had kids, I know you think you know best, I know you think you're doing them favor with these adorable "must have" products "they don't know they need yet." YOU'RE NOT. New moms spend hours agonizing over these registries and lists. They research till they are blue in the face. They have specific colors, specific ways they want to do things, etc. Just get them what's on their list or money/gift cards. We typically do gift cards to the place they are registered. What you may not realize is that those 58495435 adorable onesies and outfits you picked up from Target/Belk/Dillards/Walmart for the baby shower are not necessary, probably not to the taste of the mother, and just add stress because they will probably have to take them back. Then stress over the actual things left on the list that are important to them, that they think they need, but weren't purchased. Whew. I know some of that stuff isn't fun or cute, I know you think you know better, but just stop yourself and follow the list. 
            Engagement Gift: (5) Veuve Clicquot
                • Ever since we got married and became "adults" 🤣 we've sent a bottle of this to all of our very good friends who get engaged. It's a nice gesture. Doesn't have to be this brand of champagne, doesn't have to be this price, but it's just a little gesture that goes a long way in telling them you are just as excited for them as they are! It's a pretty special time in life, and it always feels good to know people are celebrating with you.
                Flowers: (6) Farm Girl Flowers & Flower Muse
                    • Men. If you're reading this, put down the grocery store flowers. Please. I beg of you. Either order from one of these two places, or go to an actual flower shop and have something designed. Preferably a newer one that's not run by an old lady who feels the need to drown everything in baby's breath. You can never go wrong with Garden roses (very different from regular roses, Juliette's are a personal favorite), peonies, hydrangea, etc. A nice tight bouquet with more flowers than greenery, in a specific color scheme like white or pink, is the way to go. Farm Girl specifically has super unique bouquets, more "free spirited" than modern and "chic." Still good, just different. Think about your lady, pick one that seems like her. Same goes for other things, I've sent my mom Farm Girl Flowers for her birthday, she's a unique lady, so they are perfect! 
                    Food for the Soul: (7) Goldbelly
                        • This site is pretty cool. It's got all of the famous foods you hear about. Magnolia bakery banana pudding, lobster rolls straight from the east coast, that famous Key Lime pie from the Florida Keys, the famous Milk Bar birthday cake pictured above. Can't go wrong with any of it, and everyone likes to receive fun food!
                        • BONUS: Another favorite thing of mine to do is send food through the Waitr app. I sent my mom Copeland's cheesecake on her birthday last year. Arrived right at her door, right when I told them to bring it. My best friend was having a really crummy week a few weeks ago, so I sent her all her favorites from local restaurant through Waitr, Mac-n-cheese, french fries, and cheesecake. Doesn't cost much, minimal effort, makes a big difference in someone's day though and is super thoughtful. Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grubhub; all of those work just as well.  
                        Wedding Gift: (8) Honeyfund
                            • Again, stick to the registry people. These items are painstakingly planned out for their new home together. You have no clue what they already have, their tastes, their needs/wants, etc. Don't deviate from the path folks. Be a good little wedding guest and do what you're told. 😂 Or send money. Either way. Don't get any fancy ideas. 

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