Men's Casual Style

Men's Casual Style

Do you have a partner like me? Brett would solely have sports t-shirts in his wardrobe if it was up to him. In fact, I've been buying him clothes since high school, and I'm pretty sure his mom did before that. I don't actually think he's ever shopped in a proper store before, unless of course you count The LSU student union store a proper store. 😂 I do not. So I try to keep to his wants while also not letting him look like a bum frat boy from 2005. 👌🏻These jeans by the way, if your husband is afflicted with the same bum frat boy illness as mine, get him a pair of grown up big boy jeans...he might have a change of heart.  As usual, everything is linked at the bottom, or if you click on a picture. 

And those shirts the girls have on!!! Ahhhhh! Too cute! A Starbucks cup (calm down Nancy, we don't let the girls drink Starbucks, it's just warmed milk), a pumpkin with a little bow (I had her add that, it's not in the listing so you 'll need to ask her for it), and blue rain boots. 


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