Work Wear for Early Fall

Work Wear for Early Fall

This whole look makes me feel very Mary Poppins meets summertime. I don't know, I LOVE a good skirt! These are also my favorite Navy earrings, I've been wearing them all summer and they will certainly take me into Fall! The top is a classic. It's nice and thick, but not too thick. Just enough so I can tell this sucker will last for a long long time! And as usual, everything I've linked comes in plus sizes too.Β 

This outfit would be perfect for an office least I think so! Ha! It's been a while. I definitely wore dresses and heels every day to my first official job. So this would be just about how I would dress if I still had one! As usual, I'm typically more dressed up than everyone else. πŸ˜‚ No shame in my dress up game though! If it makes ya feel good, wear it! If that's yoga pants and a tank top, yes ma'am, go for it. If it's a tad fancy pants like me, join the club, bring the donuts, you're in.Β 

Let's talk the shoes people! Get a pair. The navy ones are gone, but that's white all right. There is a black pair, tan pair, and a different brown version I linked to down below. They would be absolutely perfect for early Fall! Get a leopard print sweater or top, pair it with those bad boys, and you're in business! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»In fact, ya got my wheels turning' now, BRB, might have to get myself a pair.Β 


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