Talley Grace is named for my two little girls, who one day will hopefully see what it means to work hard for something you believe in. It was born out the necessity of having a cute, preppy, supportive, plus sized swimsuit that could not be found on the market anywhere beyond a size 14. As a plus size woman for the past decade, from a size 14 to a 24, I know the struggle all women face during swimsuit season, especially plus size women. And since nobody was stepping up to do anything about it, I figured I would! So here I am. It means so much to me if you are joining me on this journey, and I hope you love what I have worked so hard on creating. I can't wait to see all your pictures, and I hope you'll tag me in them and use our hashtag #gracethesun. Being a part of your family adventures, inevitably makes you a part of mine, and I'm so happy you've joined the Talley Grace family! 
Southern designed by yours truly, American made in California, these swimsuits represent all that is good about the American Dream. A little elbow grease, a bit of good old fashioned grit and determination, countless sleepless nights, and a deep passion and love for all things girly and fashionable. Made right here in America, in a factory that pays a livable wage with ethical standards beyond that of any foreign factory. Designs made by hand, pen to paper, that come to life and hopefully make your warm weather adventures more special than ever before.
  Get out there, join your family on the beach, run around with your kids, take that vacation with your friends, don't take a backseat to life. Don't wait for next year, don't wait to lose those 10, 50, 100 pounds. Enjoy life, right now, with your family and friends. No regrets, no looking back years from now seeing all the time you wasted waiting for your "ideal body." Put on one of my suits, feel darn good about yourself, make memories, be in the pictures, build the sand castles, swim in the ocean, get salt in your hair, for the love of all things good, just #gracethesun. You won't regret it.
You're Loved,



Preppy Plus Size Swimsuits for the all-American classic girl.

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